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Parish Incorporation

In 2016 St. Katharine Drexel Parish has become the incorporated association to a Florida nonprofit corporation. The idea of incorporation has been under consideration for many years. Priests and laity alike have suggested that the Diocese of Venice consider incorporation for many reasons.

One reason is to help resolve a conflict between theological identity and civil identity of our parishes. Parishes are recognized under Canon Law as separate juridic persons with right of ownership of their own property and the right to enter into business transactions and agreements; however, they have no such right under civil law.

Establishing a separate nonprofit Florida corporation will mirror Canon Law.

The Pastor/Administrator, who serves as the spiritual leader of the Parish will serve as the President/Treasurer of the nonprofit corporation. The Pastor/Administrator, Vicar General and Chancellor have moral obligations to the Bishop imposed by Canon Law and shall serve as the initial Board of Trustees of the corporation. Thereafter, two lay persons are elected to the Board of Trustees. The parish operations and ministries shall continue to serve our community with little change in procedure.

The Officers of the St. Katharine Drexel Parish in Cape Coral, Inc. are:

President/Treasurer:   Reverend Ricky M. Varner 
Vice-President:            Valerie H. Pellegrino 
Secretary:                    Alba Gibbons




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